Why Farnham Bereavement Café?

Dear Reader

I imagine if I were to take a straw pole, the majority of people reading this would say that at some point they had faced the death of someone they loved very much and that the resulting grief is always with them to some degree. Even for those of us who have strong and supportive family and friends there comes a point when we don’t want to bother people with how we are feeling because so often there is an expectation that we should be ‘over it by now’.

From our experience people are never ‘over it’. They learn to live with it and get on with life but that does not mean they have in any way come to terms with the death of someone close to them. Sometimes the grief can still be affecting them years later, leaving them feeling isolated and lonely.

That is why Farnham Bereavement Café (formerly Friends Together) came into being. An opportunity for anyone struggling with grief to meet and chat with others who understand. A chance for new friendships to develop and even new love to blossom, as we have seen happen.

We facilitate the meetings but we do not offer any specific counselling as this is not our purpose. We want to empower those who come, to face the world as they now know it with all the changes and challenges around them, as well as give them space to talk about how they are feeling. Although Bereavement Café is run by the Christian community it is for those of any or no faith, it is our chance as Farnham churches to serve those in our local community who just need a friendly face and kindly support.

Thank you

Mary & Yvonne